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Introduce the history of KARP.


Jan. 15-16 Winter Workshop: ICRP 103
Apr. 22 Spring: Radiation dosimetry
Apr. 23-24 Spring Conference & Symposium
Jun. 30 Summer Workshop: Implications of ICRP 103
Nov. 19-20 33th Annual Meeting


May 14 Spring Conference & Symposium(as special sessions of 6ICI) - Theme 1: Sound management of radioactive waste in medical institutions
- Theme 2: Education of radiation protection
Jul. 3-4 Summer Workshop: Monte Carlo simulation
Oct. 19-24 Proposal for IRPA-14 at 12th IRPA Congress(Buenos Aires)
Nov. 20-21 32th Annual Meeting


Apr. 26-27 Spring Conference & Symposium - Theme: "The new ICRP recommendations"
Nov. 1-2 31th Annual Meeting


Jan. Organized Korean Association of Radiation Research(KARR)
May 11-12 - Theme: ‘Radiation and environment’
Jun. Registered new title of KARP Journal "Journal of Radiation Protection"
Aug. 26-27 2nd Korea-Japan Specialist Meeting on Proposed ICRP recommendations(Seoul)
Oct. 8-13 2nd Asia-Oceania Conference of Radiation Protection(AOCRP-2, Beijing)
Nov. 23-24 30th Annual Meeting


Apr. 21-22 Spring Conference & Symposium - Theme: 'Future of radiation technology‘
May 17-18 1st Japan-Korea Specialist Meeting on Proposed new ICRP recommendations(Tokyo)
Nov. 3-4 28th Annual Meeting


Apr. 29-30 Spring Conference & Symposium - Theme: 'Enhancement of public understanding of radiation'
Nov. 10-12 Annual Meeting and Joint Conference with Korea Radioactive Waste Society
Nov. 10 Held the 28th KARP General Committee Meeting


Apr. 25 Spring Conference & Symposium - Subject: 'Radiation Wastes & Radiation Security'
Nov. 6-7 Held the 27th General Committee Meeting & Fall Academic Conference


Jan.1-12.31 Research Grant from MOST(Enhancing international cooperation thru AOCRP-1)
May 23-24 Spring Conference & Symposium(Joint with Korean Nuclear Society) - Theme: ‘Radiation use for life-quality improvement'
Oct. 20-24 1st Asia-Oceania Conference of Radiation Protection(AOCRP-1) - On behalf of AOCRP & IRPA
- Theme: ‘Radiation protection toward the new horizon’
- 470 Participants from 21 countries, 322 thesis
Oct. 22 26th Annual Meeting


Apr. 27 Spring Conference & Symposium - Theme: ‘Improvement of national infrastructure for radiation protect'
Jul. 18-19 International Symposium, co-organized with ITRS of Hanyang University - Theme: ‘Radiation safety & measurement’
Nov. 1-2 25th Annual Meeting - Joint Symposium with Health Physics Society of Japan
- Theme: ‘Measurement & interpretation of radioactivity in human body'
Nov. 5-7 Int'l Radiation Security Management Symposium(ISRSM) - Co-organized with KHNP Nuclear Engineering Environment Institute


Apr. 21 Spring Conference & Symposium - Theme: ‘Radiation protection in the 21st century’
Jul. 1 Research Grant from KINS(Protection standards for radioactive waste disposal facilities)
Sep. 25 Open Homepage of Korean Radiation Protection
Nov. 3-4 24th Annual Meeting