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Devision of Radiation Epidemiology Research


Through research activities to expand the epidemiological basis of the effects of radiation exposure and information exchange between members, we seek to present academic evidence such as providing knowledge and information on the effects of human exposure and related social issues.


  • All activities for the academic development of radiation epidemiology
  • Strengthen expertise in the field of radiation epidemiology and spread knowledge information
  • Strengthening exchanges and cooperation between members (organizations)
  • Contributing to solving social issues based on scientific evidence of radiation effects on human body
  • Strengthen activities in connection with adjacent academic organizations and organizations in related fields of expertise


  • Chairman of Research Korea Institute of Radiological and Medical Sciences Seo, Songwon
  • Scientific Commissioner Kyungpook National University Kim, Young Min
  • Scientific Commissioner Radiation Health Institute, Korea Hydro&Nuclear Power Jeong, Meeseon