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Low-Dose Radiation Research Society


This society encourages members to develop expertise in low-dose radiation including living radiation, especially in low-dose radiation applied clinical research, life science, and low-dose radiation medical-based convergence research. In addition, it discovers academic, technical, and social issues in related fields such as mutual exchange and information exchange among industry-university-researchers, expert committees, research groups, and academic societies, and suggest ways and solutions.


  • Activities to promote nuclear technology
  • Strengthening exchange of expertise in fields related to the use of radiation and equipmen
  • Strengthening mutual exchange and co-operation among members and organizations
  • Development of clinical fields that utilize low-dose radiation therapy technology including domestic and foreign living radiation
  • Systematic analysis of low-dose radiation technology and creation of standardized technology domain for element technology
  • Analysis of the current status of technologies related to domestic and foreign low-dose radiation source and their prospects for implications
  • To analyze and predict the current status and limitations of low-dose technology based on next-generation radiation technology
  • Research strategies to develop low-dose radiation therapy technology through miniaturization of radiation source technology and multidisciplinary convergence technology


  • Chairman of Research Ewha Womans Unisversity Lee, Yun-Sil
  • Scientific Commissioner Chonnam National Universiy Kim, Joong Sun
  • Scientific Commissioner Kyung Hee University Ryu, Jehwang
  • Scientific Commissioner Korea Institute of Radiological and Medical Sciences Lee, Hae-June
  • Scientific Commissioner Kyung Hee University Chung, Weon-Kuu
  • Scientific Commissioner Sungkyunkwan University Chai, Jong-Seo

Abstract Submission Categories

  • Including low-dose therapy, living radiation and low-dose research