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International Relations Committee


To promote international cooperation on radiation protection

Management topics

  • 01International exchange and cooperation in academic research on radiation protection
  • 02Investigation, collection and translation of international academic data on radiation defense
  • 03Cooperation with the event organizing committee of international organizations such as ICRP and IRPA


Position Name Affiliation
Chair Lee, Hee Seock Pohang University of Science & Technology
Directors Kong, Tae Young Chosun University
Kim, Jin Sung Yonsei University College of Medicine / Yonsei Cancer Center
Members Kim, Hyuncheol Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute
Kim, Hong Suk Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety
Yoon, Seokwon Korea Institute of Radiological & Medical Sciences
Paeng, Jin Chul Seoul National University Hospital
Ha, Wi-Ho Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute