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Future Planning Committee


Management of the association and derivation of mid- to long-term directions for major projects and policy establishment, etc.

Management topics

  • 01Derivation of mid- to long-term directions for the association's operation and major projects
  • 02Planning work to promote new business
  • 03Improving and responding to radiation safety regulations
  • 04New R&D planning
  • 05The association's mid- to long-term development strategy and communication
  • 06Matters concerning the expansion of the foundation for public understanding of radiation issues


Position Name Affiliation
Chair Jeong, Seung-Young Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety
Directors Shin, Chang Ho Hanyang University
Chung, Yoonsun Hanyang University
Members Kim, Yong-Min Daegu Catholic University
Jang, Han Ki Korea Association for Radiation Application
Bae, Jin-hyung KEPCO E&C
Seo, Songwon Korea Institute of Radiological & Medical Sciences
Chang, In Su Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute
Lee, Sang Min Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety