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Future Planning Committee


Management of the association and derivation of mid- to long-term directions for major projects and policy establishment, etc.

Management topics

  • 01Derivation of mid- to long-term directions for the association's operation and major projects
  • 02Planning work to promote new business
  • 03Improving and responding to radiation safety regulations
  • 04New R&D planning
  • 05The association's mid- to long-term development strategy and communication
  • 06Matters concerning the expansion of the foundation for public understanding of radiation issues


Position Name Affiliation
Chair Kang, Keon Wook Seoul National University Hospital
Directors Yu, Hyungjoon Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety
Chung, Yoonsun Hanyang University
Members Kim, Yong-Min Daegu Catholic University
Park, Tai Jin Korea Association for Radiation Application
Bae, Jin-hyung KEPCO E&C
Seo, Songwon Korea Institute of Radiological & Medical Sciences
Ha, Wi-Ho Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute
Han, Eunok Korea Academy of Nuclear Safety