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Devision of Radiation Biomedical Life Science


Encourage members of the association to improve their expertise in nuclear power, especially in the field of fusion research based on radiobiology and radiology, and exchange and exchange information between members, and academic, technical and social issues in related fields such as professional committees, research groups, and academic societies. And suggests a plan and a solution.


  • All activities for the promotion of technology related to radiation medical life
  • Understanding the biological effects of radiation and promoting research on the medical use of radiation
  • Strengthening and spreading expertise in the field of fusion research based on radiation biology and medicine
  • Reinforcing exchanges and cooperation between related academic organizations and members (institutions)
  • Reinforcing national competitiveness based on knowledge and technology, contributing to solving social issues


  • Chairman of Research Korea Institute of Radiological and Medical Sciences Bae, In Hwa
  • Scientific Commissioner The Catholic University of Korea St. Vincent's Hospital Lee, Joo Hwan
  • Scientific Commissioner Inje University Yi, Joo Mi
  • Scientific Commissioner Seoul National University Hospital Kim, jinho
  • Scientific Commissioner ASAN Medical Center Oh, Jungsu