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Greetings from President

Dear Colleagues,
Welcome to the KARP website.

회장 김교윤

This is Kyo-Youn Kim,
president of the Korean Association for Radiation Protection.

I am glad to meet you with a new website that has been improved for communication with members of the society.

Founded in 1975, our society has grown into an academic organization representing Korea's radiation field with over 2,000 members participating. This remarkable growth is thanks to the passion and sacrifice of former presidents and senior scientists. Thanks to this strength, despite the difficult situation of COVID-19, the 15th International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA15) was successfully held and received favorable reviews from the international community.

The journal of Radiation Protection and Research (JRPR), published jointly with JHPS of Japan and ARPS of Australia/New Zealand, has been listed in SCOUPS in 2020, and SCIE is nearing its entry.

Despite the prolonged COVID-19, KARP is conducting regular academic conferences with the your cooperation in a system that combines both on-site and virtual stream. In addition, we have already held two international workshops with JHPS in 2021, and we plan to hold a CJK YSG workshop in which young scientists from China, Japan and Korea, during this year’s summer workshop.

At the Fall Conference to be held this November, various programs are being prepared in cooperation with related societies.

Although face-to-face exchanges are difficult due to the prolonged COVID-19, we will try our best to contribute to the provision of new information and communication among members through the new website.

김교윤 , Ph.D.
President of the Korean Association for Radiation Protection.