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Greetings from President

This is Hee-Seock Lee, president of the
Korean Association for Radiation Protection (KARP).


Welcome to our website.

Founded in 1975 in response to historical demands for protecting human and the environment from possible dangers due to utilize radiation widely along with advances in nuclear and radiological science and technology, the KARP has now become a representative society in the field of radiation in the Republic of Korea, with more than 2,000 members participating.

Our association strives to serve the nation and society through academic activities related to protecting human and the environment from possible dangers, while maximizing the benefits of nuclear power and radiation. In particular, in accordance with Article 1 of the KARP’s regulation, we intend to contribute to the research and development of radiation protection by promoting mutual cooperation and friendship among members, and to contribute to the international exchange of academics and the mutual cooperation with international organizations.

To this end, experts are engaged in academic activities ranging from radiation protection, radiation measurement, radiation biomedical science, radiation environment and disaster prevention research, radiation epidemiology research, radioactive waste protection, and low-dose radiation research. In particular, radiation-based medical professionals work with engineers together in our association.

In 2025, it will be the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the association. It has established itself as a representative association in the field of radiation in Korea, and has actively participated in international organizations’ activities like ICRP and IRPA and held big international conferences like ICRP2015 and IRPA15, thereby enhancing its international status. In line with this, the 26th Board of Directors, including me, will focus on the following tasks.

First, ensuring the continuity of the development of our association while maintaining the current growth trend:

As Korea's leading radiation professional society, we will strengthen our activities such as academic conferences and complete the SCIE listing of JRPR, which had been reborn as a joint international journal of the three societies, KARP, JHPS and ARPS, to maintain academic excellence and expertise that continue to the next generation.

Second, enhancing the international status of our association by strengthening international cooperation:

We will enhance cooperative activities with academic societies in East Asia and encouraging members to participate in international organizations, and also establish and support a system that becomes an international standard of radiation protection, reflecting domestic research results.

Third, expanding the participation of young members and fostering the next generation experts:

We will restore exchanges between countries that were limited by the COVID-19 crisis, support young researchers to establish lifelong relationships with joint foreign researchers, and provide opportunities for young members to grow, including the establishment of mentor-mentee relationships through industry-academic exchanges.

Fourth, strengthening unique strengths of the science and engineering and medical professionals and social communication with the public:

Under the theme of radiation protection, we will make use of the strengths of the combined professional academic activities of the science and engineering and medical fields that cooperate in our association, and through this, we will try to communicate with the public on the issue of radiation safety.

As academic researchers and a member of society, I and the 26th Board of Directors will do our best to ensure the Korean Association for Radiation Protection, which can play a pinnacle role. We ask for your interest and participation.
Thank you!

Hee-Seock Lee
President, Korean Association for Radiation Protection (KARP).