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Division of Radiation Protection Research


In order to prevent and minimize the impact of ionizing radiation on individuals and the environment, and to keep the level of exposure reasonably low, technologies and information on radiation/radiation handling, management, and protection methods are shared with members and the usefulness thereof is provided to society.


  • On-site application of radiation protection/safety principles and interpretation of results
  • Discuss technology for prevention of radiation damage, dose evaluation analysis, and optimization of crew handling
  • Safety evaluation according to the use of radiation and sharing of related technologies
  • Promotion of social awareness and communication on radiation safety
  • Retention and training of radiological protection personnel and enhancement of expertise in related work


  • Chairman of Research Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute Lee, Jeong-il
  • Scientific Commissioner Radiation Health Institute, Korea Hydro&Nuclear Power kang, Seo Kon
  • Scientific Commissioner Chosun University Kong, Tae Young
  • Scientific Commissioner Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety Park, Chang-Su
  • Scientific Commissioner Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute Lee, Seung Kyu

Abstract Submission Categories

  • The entire field of radiation protection and safety, including handling, management, dose evaluation of radiation and radioactivity