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Introduce the history of KARP.


2021 * The 5nd Grand Prize of Korean Radiation Protection (Dr. Ho-Shin Choi, Professor Il-Han Kim)
2021 * The 5nd iTRS Radiation Measurement Technology Award (Manhee Jeong, Jeju National University)
2021 * The 10th Young Investigator Prize (Geehyun Kim , Seoul National University)
2021 * The 6th ISORD Award (Young-hak Kim , Korea University)
2021.01 The 15th International Congress of the International Radiation Protection Association(IRPA15) / Organized by: IRPA15 Organizing Committee (Congress President Jong Kyung Kim)
Feb. 3 Senior Vice President Election (To be inaugurated as the 24th president) Member Chan-Hyeong Kim (Hanyang University) elected
Mar. 11 KARP-JHPS Joint Symposium
Topic : Fukushima 10 years: Lessons Learned and Radiological Environmental Impact
Apr. 28-30 Spring Conference (Sky Bay Hotel Gyeongpo, On/Off parallelism) Topic :
- Symposium : Fourth Industrial Revolution and Radiation Protection
- Workshop 1) : Understanding the effects of tritium
- Workshop 2) : Monte Carlo Shielding Code Domestic Development Status (McCARD User Meeting)
2021.08 Summer Workshop (Splasom, Deoksan, Chungcheongnam-do)
Topic :
1) Introduction of Dose Constraints for Optimization of Radiation Protection
2) Joint CSRP-JHPS-KARP Workshop on "Perspectives of Young Radiation Protection Professionals through Some Issues related to the Fukushima Accident"
2021.11 Fall Conference and 45th Annual General Meeting (Phoenix Jeju)
Topic : · Symposium : Cooperation among radiation-related societies: present and future · Workshop 1) : Domestic tritium issues and response directions · Workshop 2) : Accelerator-based radioisotope production and use and safety regulation · Workshop 3) : Research on new concept low-dose radiation therapy equipment development strategy


2020 *The 4st iTRS Radiation Measurement Technology Award (Jung-in Kim, Seoul National University Hospital)
2020 *The 9th Young Investigator Prize(Jinhwan Kim, KAIST)
2020 *The 5nd ISORD Award(Joonhyuk Kim, KAIST)
Aug. 20-21 Summer On-line Workshop Project Name :
1) Radiation material development status and future
2) Radiation light accelerator and industrial/medical applications
3) Medical radiology protection and the latest trends and safety culture
Nov. 25-27 Fall Conference (Jeju Phoenix Island & Video streaming) Topic :
- Symposium : Review of the current state of defense in Korea
- On-line workshop : Manufacture of electronic circuits and equipment for detection and measurement of radiation
- Workshop : Latest trends and prospects for post-dose assessment