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Introduce the history of KARP.


Jan. Hee-Seock Lee(Pohang University of Science & Technology), the 26th president

Feb.22~23 Winter Workshop Topic1 : Establishment of Safety Case for Medium- and Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Facilities
- Ensuring safety margins in disposal facilities​
Topic2 : Scientific Basis, Understanding, and Communication of LNT Models​
Topic3 : ​Current Status of Radioactivity Measurement Technologies in Seawater​
April.24~26 Spring Conference and Symposium (Mokpo, Hotel Hyundai by LAHAN Mokpo​) Topic:​
-Symposium: Retrospective Dosimetry Cooperation Network and Technology Status in Radiation Accidents​​
-Workshop1:Development of Radiation Exposure Dose Evaluation Technology for Accident Response Management​
-Workshop2:Radiaiton Safety Manager Forum


2023. Award · The 6th Grand Prize of Korean Radiation Protection (Professor Jong Kyung Kim)
· The 1st iTRS Radiation Protection Technology Award(Hee Seo, Jeonbuk National University)
· The 12th Young Investigator Prize(Minsoo Chun, Chung-Ang University Gwangmyeong Hospital)
· The 8th ISORD Award(Euidam Kim, Hanyang University; Beomjun Park, Korea University; Bangho Shin, Hanyang University)
· The 2nd IRPA15 Awards(Suhyeon Kim, Hanyang University)
· The 2nd Future Generation of Radiation Protection Prize(Hayoung Shim, Jeonbuk National University​)
Jan. Sung Hwan Kim (St. Vincent’s Hospital, The Catholic University of Korea), the 25th president
Feb. 23~24 Winter Workshop Topic 1: Analysis and safety management of domestic radioactive waste
Topic 2: Radiation exposure dose evaluation technology for accident response management
Apr. 26~28 Spring Conference and Symposium (Busan, Hanwha Resorts) Topic:
-Symposium : Safety management of radiation therapy
-Workshop 1 : Development of protection technologies of radioative disaster evacuation facilities
-Workshop 2 : Current status of tritium radioactivity at the Wolseong Nuclear Power Plant
-Workshop 3 : Radiation safety manager forum
-Workshop 4 : Report and seminar on planning project for the development of treatment technologies for noncancerous incurable diseases using intermediate radiation dose​
Jul. 4-7 The 11th International Symposium on Radiation Safety and Detection Technology (Hanyang University)
Sep. Tri-Party Agreement on Collaboration among KARP·JHPS·CSRP
Nov.22~24 Fall Conference and 47th Annual General Meeting(Jeju Phoenix Island) Topic:
-Symposium: The past, president and future of radiation waste management
-Workshop 1: Radiological examination/certification quality system
-Workshop 2: Research trends in marine environmental radionuclide analysis techniques
-Workshop 3: Introduction and implementation of the comprehensive plan for radiation protection in the third living area


2022 The 6th iTRS Radiation Measurement Technology Award(Chul Hee Min, Yonsei University)
2022 The 11th Young Investigator Prize(Seong Moon Jung, Seoul National University Hospital)
2022 The 7th ISORD Award(Chan Ho Kim, Korea University)
2022 The 1st IRPA15 Awards(Hyung Joo Choi, Yonsei University)
2022 The 1st Future Generation of Radiation Protection Prize(​Seung Hyun Lee, Korean Association for Radiation Application)
Jan. Chan Hyeong Kim (Hanyang University), the 24th president
Feb. 24~25 Winter Workshop Topic : 1) Cosmic Radiation Protection
Topic : 2) Up-to-date information on policies and technologies
Apr. 27~29 Spring Conference and Symposium (Deoksan, Splace Resort) Topic :
- Symposium : Low Dose Radiation Effects : Yin and Yang
- Workshop 1: Development of nuclear power plant dismantling industry technology and safety regulations
- Workshop 2: Major issues and improvement of domestic industry-university-research radiation safety management
Jul. 13~15 Summer Workshop and 2022 Nuclear Association Symposium (Jeju Eco Green Resort) Topic :
- Workshop 1: Current status of individual radiation dose assessment technology in an accident
- Workshop 2 : A Systematic Approach to Enhance Radiation Measurement Reliability Symposium : Atomic Energy for the Future
2022.10 Election of Senior Vice President (To be inaugurated as the 26th president) member Hee-Seock Lee (Pohang University of Science & Technology)
2022.11 Fall Conference and 46th Annual General Meeting(JSW) Topic :
·Symposium: Roles and Directions of Radiation protection, regulations, and researches for safety
- Workshop 1): The current status and challenges of the ICI technologies
- ·Workshop ​2): The development of evaluation plan of optimizing radiation protection for domestic laborers in radiation field
- ​Workshop​ 3): The current status in radiation environment and disaster prevention research


2021 * The 5nd Grand Prize of Korean Radiation Protection (Dr. Ho-Shin Choi, Professor Il-Han Kim)
2021 * The 5nd iTRS Radiation Measurement Technology Award (Manhee Jeong, Jeju National University)
2021 * The 10th Young Investigator Prize (Geehyun Kim , Seoul National University)
2021 * The 6th ISORD Award (Young-hak Kim , Korea University)
2021.01 The 15th International Congress of the International Radiation Protection Association(IRPA15) / Organized by: IRPA15 Organizing Committee (Congress President Jong Kyung Kim)
Feb. 3 Senior Vice President Election (To be inaugurated as the 24th president) Member Chan-Hyeong Kim (Hanyang University) elected
Mar. 11 KARP-JHPS Joint Symposium
Topic : Fukushima 10 years: Lessons Learned and Radiological Environmental Impact
Apr. 28-30 Spring Conference (Sky Bay Hotel Gyeongpo, On/Off parallelism) Topic :
- Symposium : Fourth Industrial Revolution and Radiation Protection
- Workshop 1) : Understanding the effects of tritium
- Workshop 2) : Monte Carlo Shielding Code Domestic Development Status (McCARD User Meeting)
2021.08 Summer Workshop (Splasom, Deoksan, Chungcheongnam-do)
Topic :
1) Introduction of Dose Constraints for Optimization of Radiation Protection
2) Joint CSRP-JHPS-KARP Workshop on "Perspectives of Young Radiation Protection Professionals through Some Issues related to the Fukushima Accident"
2021.10 Election of Senior Vice President (To be inaugurated as the 25th president) Member Sung Hwan Kim (St. Vincent’s Hospital, The Catholic University of Korea)
2021.11 Fall Conference and 45th Annual General Meeting (Phoenix Jeju)
Topic : · Symposium : Cooperation among radiation-related societies: present and future · Workshop 1) : Domestic tritium issues and response directions · Workshop 2) : Accelerator-based radioisotope production and use and safety regulation · Workshop 3) : Research on new concept low-dose radiation therapy equipment development strategy


2020 *The 4st iTRS Radiation Measurement Technology Award (Jung-in Kim, Seoul National University Hospital)
2020 *The 9th Young Investigator Prize(Jinhwan Kim, KAIST)
2020 *The 5nd ISORD Award(Joonhyuk Kim, KAIST)
Aug. 20-21 Summer On-line Workshop Project Name :
1) Radiation material development status and future
2) Radiation light accelerator and industrial/medical applications
3) Medical radiology protection and the latest trends and safety culture
Nov. 25-27 Fall Conference (Jeju Phoenix Island & Video streaming) Topic :
- Symposium : Review of the current state of defense in Korea
- On-line workshop : Manufacture of electronic circuits and equipment for detection and measurement of radiation
- Workshop : Latest trends and prospects for post-dose assessment