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◈ Journal of Radiation Protection and Research(Volume 48 Issue 4)
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  • 2024-01-12 10:55:41
Volume 48(4); December 2023 http://www.jrpr.org
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Volume 48(4); December 2023

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Table of Contents
Original Research
167 Material Discrimination Using X-Ray and Neutron
Jaehyun Lee, Jinhyung Park, Jae Yeon Park, Moonsik Chae, Jungho Mun, Jong Hyun Jung
175 A Preliminary Study on Evaluation of Time-Dependent Radionuclide Removal Performance Using Artificial Intelligence for Biological Adsorbents
Janghee Lee, Seungsoo Jang, Min-Jae Lee, Woo-Sung Cho, Joo Yeon Kim, Sangsoo Han, Sung Gyun Shin, Sun Young Lee, Dae Hyuk Jang, Miyong Yun, Song Hyun Kim
184 Enhancing Gamma-Neutron Shielding Effectiveness of Polyvinylidene Fluoride for Potent Applications in Nuclear Industries: A Study on the Impact of Tungsten Carbide, Trioxide, and Disulfide Using EpiXS, Phy-X/PSD, and MCNP5 Code
Ayman Abu Ghazal, Rawand Alakash, Zainab Aljumaili, Ahmed El-Sayed, Hamza Abdel-Rahman
197 Determination of Exposure during Handling of 125I Seed Using Thermoluminescent Dosimeter and Monte Carlo Method Based on Computational Phantom
Hosein Poorbaygi, Seyed Mostafa Salimi, Falamarz Torkzadeh, Saeid Hamidi, Shahab Sheibani
204 Monte Carlo Calculation for Production Cross-Sections of Projectile’s Isotopes from Therapeutic Carbon and Helium Ion Beams in Different Materials
Quazi Muhammad Rashed Nizam, Asif Ahmed, Iftekhar Ahmed
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