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◈ Journal of Radiation Protection and Research(Volume 46 Issue 3)
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Volume 46(3); September 2021


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Volume 46(3); September 2021


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Table of Contents

Original Researches


Lifetime Risk Assessment of Lung Cancer Incidence for Nonsmokers in Japan Considering the Joint Effect of Radiation and Smoking Based on the Life Span Study of Atomic Bomb Survivors

Kazumasa Shimada, Michiaki Kai


Radiation Dose from Computed Tomography Scans for Korean Pediatric and Adult Patients

Tristan Won, Ae-Kyoung Lee, Hyung-do Choi, Choonsik Lee


Radiation Safety Exploration Using Radio-photoluminescence Dosimeter for Crookes Tubes in Junior and Senior High School in Japan

Masafumi Akiyoshi, Duy Khiem Do, Ichiro Yamaguchi, Tomohisa Kakefu, Toshiharu Miyakawa


Design and Fabrication of CLYC-Based Rotational Modulation Collimator (RMC) System for Gamma-Ray/Neutron Dual-Particle Imager

Hyun Suk Kim, Jooyub Lee, Sanghun Choi, Young-bong Bang, Sung-Joon Ye, Geehyun Kim

Technical Papers


X-Rays through the Looking Glass: Mobile Imaging Dosimetry and Image Quality of Suspected COVID-19 Patients

Alexandra Schelleman, Chris Boyd


Determination of 226Ra in TENORM Sample Considering Radon Leakage Correction

Sooyeon Lim, Nur Syamsi Syam, Seongjin Maeng, Sang Hoon Lee



Panel Session toward Improved Communication and Engagement with the Public after the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident: Study Reports and Discussion with Specialists from Relevant Fields

Hiroko Yoshida, Yujiro Kuroda, Takahiko Kono, Wataru Naito, Akihiro Sakoda



The IRPA Young Generation Network: Activity Report from the Middle of 2018 to the Beginning of 2021

Sylvain Andresz, Akihiro Sakoda, Wi-Ho Ha, Franz Kabrt, Takahiko Kono, Marina Sáez Muñoz, Omar Nusrat, Cinthia Papp, Rui Qiu, Pete Bryant

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