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◈ Journal of Radiation Protection and Research(Volume 48 Issue 3)
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  • 2023-10-11 09:05:46
Volume 48(3); September 2023 http://www.jrpr.org
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Volume 48(3); September 2023

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Table of Contents
107 The Identification, Diagnosis, Prospective, and Action (IDPA) Method for Facilitating Dialogue between Stakeholders: Application to the Radiological Protection Domain
Jacques Lochard, Win Thu Zar, Michiaki Kai, Ryoko Ando
Original Research
117 Impact of 0.35 T Magnetic Field on Dose Calculation for Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Stereotactic Radiotherapy Plans
Jaeman Son, Sung Young Lee, Chang Heon Choi, Jong Min Park, Jung-in Kim
124 Effects of Fast Neutron Irradiation on Switching of Silicon Bipolar Junction Transistor
Sung Ho Ahn, Gwang Min Sun
131 Detection Limit of a NaI(Tl) Survey Meter to Measure 131I Accumulation in Thyroid Glands of Children after a Nuclear Power Plant Accident
Takahiro Kitajima, Michiaki Kai
144 Color Texture Analysis as a Tool for Quantitative Evaluation of Radiation-Induced Skin Injuries
Sung Young Lee, Jin Ho Kim, Ji Hyun Chang, Jong Min Park, Chang Heon Choi, Jung-in Kim, So-Yeon Park
Technical Paper
153 Radiation Measurements at Fukushima Medical University over a Period of 12 Years Following the Nuclear Power Plant Accident
Ryo Ozawa
162 Personal Dosimeters Worn by Radiation Workers in Korea: Actual Condition and Consideration of Their Proper Application for Radiation Protection
Eunbi Noh, Dalnim Lee, Sunhoo Park, Songwon Seo
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