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About KARP 구분선 History

History of The Korean Association for Radiation Protection

~ 1999
년도구분 이미지
Apr. 23
Spring Symposium
- Theme: ‘Security of radioactive sources’
Oct. 22~23
23th Annual Meeting
년도구분 이미지
Apr. 1
Research Grant from KINS(Reformation of national radiation protection system)
Apr. 24
Spring Symposium
- Theme: ‘Evolution of radiation protection: Science and practice'
Authorized as an Academic Association
Nov. 6
22th Annual Meeting
년도구분 이미지
Apr. 25
Spring Symposium
- Theme: ‘Problems in radiation risk communication & role of education'
Nov. 7~8
21th Annual Meeting
년도구분 이미지
May 17
Spring Symposium
- Theme: 'Radiation accidents & emergency response'
Sep. 21
Research Grant from KINS(Dose reduction strategy)
Nov. 8
20th Annual Meeting
년도구분 이미지
May 12
Spring Symposium
- Theme: ‘Effects of non-ionizing radiation'
Sep. 27
19th Annual Meeting
- Inter-society memorial conference for 100th anniversary of X-ray discovery
- Start award program for excellent thesis
년도구분 이미지
May 13
Spring Symposium
- Theme: ‘Radon in living environment'
Oct. 28
18th Annual Meeting
년도구분 이미지
Feb. 22
Research Grant from KINS(Preparation of explanatory material for ICRP 60)
Jun. 4
Spring Conference & Symposium
Nov. 26
17th Annual Meeting
년도구분 이미지
Jun. 12
Spring Conference & Symposium
- Theme: ‘Radiation, human and environment’
Nov. 20
16th Annual Meeting
년도구분 이미지
May 31
Spring Conference & Symposium
- Theme: ‘Monitoring individual exposure’
Nov. 20
15th Annual Meeting
년도구분 이미지
Jun. 20
Spring Conference & Symposium
- Theme: ‘Status and issues of radiation protection management'
Nov. 8
14th Annual Meeting

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