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About KARP 구분선 Greetings from President

The 22nd President of the Korean Association of Radiation Protection Woo-Yoon Park

The Korean Association of Radiation Protection (KARP) was founded in 1977 and is one of the representative academic organizations in the radiation field of Korea with over 1600 members. Since its foundation, KARP has made efforts to improve radiation protection, measurement, disaster prevention, medical use of radiation, radiation effect on human body, social acceptability of radiation, and etc.

Radiation is a component of the cosmic environment and is indispensable to human lives, such as diagnosis and treatment of diseases as well as nuclear power generation. Therefore, it is our role and mission to promote public understanding of radiation and to make safe use of radiation. For this, I will focus on the followings during my term.

1. Collaboration.

I will promote interdisciplinary collaboration. In order to solve increasingly complicated social problems, interdisciplinarity is indispensible. KARP is a collection of the experts of various fields such as medicine, engineering, biology, physics and humanities. I will expand opportunities for open discussion and promote cooperation, joint research, and joint symposiums with the related societies.

2. Internationalization.

I will do my best to improve internationalization and international status of the KARP. I will promote exchanges with international academic organizations, continue to nominate our official journal, the Journal of Radiation Protection and Research, JRPR, as an internationally leading one, and prepare for the successful hosting of the IRPA15 to be held in 2020.

3. Popularization of Science.

I will publish an e-newsletter to promote public understanding of radiation, including radiation protection and research, and the radiation effect on human body. Therefore, I'd like to upgrade the public understanding on the importance of radiation on human lives.

Over the past 40 years, thanks to the efforts of senior members, the scale and status of the KARP have improved to be an internationally leading society. Based on this tradition, I hope that all the members will spare no efforts for brighter future of the KARP.

The 22nd President of the Korean Association of Radiation Protection
Woo-Yoon Park

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